WASSUP’s Nada filed to terminate contract with Mafia Records over insufficient payment

WASSUP, the group that you probably didn’t know were still a thing, are now down their most well-known member as Nada has filed for contract termination from Mafia Records.


Basically what’s happening is that Nada got a bunch of opportunities after she finished as the runner-up on ‘Unpretty Rapstar 3.’ Thus, she figured she would be getting paid for what she made and wanted to know when the check was coming. However, she wasn’t pleased with the compensation that Mafia Records cited to her (which appears to be zero), and their explanation was that she didn’t actually make profit due to her training fees and WASSUP’s activities that they paid for. We can see how that argument played out now.

So WASSUP are down to four members and Mafia Records will likely have an ongoing lawsuit to fight with Nada during their supposed comeback. Swell.


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