‘The Universe’s Star’, starring EXO’s Suho, triggers fans by launching disses at them

Suho of EXO is the star of the drama ‘The Universe’s Star,’ and that drama is currently under a supposed controversy because of the way it disses idols fans. However, more accurately, one scene is simply to the point.

The scene in question occurs when a CEO, manager, and female artist are having a conversation about an idol dating a fan.

Manager: The slave gifts? They’ll be coming soon~
CEO: Hey, by the way, you’re not dating that slave (fan), are you?
Manager: Ah come on, why would someone date an ATM~
CEO: Right?
Female Artist: After all those walls that he’s been putting up, looks like his standards are lower than I thought. But then again, I bet if she’s just a stupid fangirl, getting her to sleep with you would’ve been easy. They’re so dumb that they’ll give you everything without the push and pull, and sleep with you without you having to do anything…

Well, there’s hardly any lie to the stuff that’s being said anyway, and even if it’s a diss to hit as many trigger points as possible (ATM, slave, easy), it’s meant to be so that the female lead would hear it and likely have the audience sympathize with her.

Regardless, stans on Pann predictably gave us the salt we deserve.

1. [+168, -1] (Screencap: I’m trembling in anger and want to spit at their face)
2. [+161, -1] The worst drama that EXO has ever been cast in. What is the plot anyway? The star is in love with a sasaeng? After all the suffering that EXO has gone through over sasaengs, I wonder what they actually think of the drama
3. [+145, -0] Funny how drama networks use fans to raise their viewer ratings and sucking up all their money and yet they portray them like this, f*ck
4. [+86, -219] Why would you even produce a drama like this? And Suho’s such a bad actor, this drama’s a flop
5. [+47, -0] F*ck… can’t write a comment without a swear
6. [+43, -0] After all that Suho has gone through over sasaengs, I wonder what he was thinking in his head while filming this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ especially since the drama romanticizes sasaengs… must’ve sucked
7. [+19, -1] Why are people hating on Suho ㅋㅋㅋ not like he did anything wrong ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
8. [+19, -0] Come on, what are all the fan unions doing? Why stay quiet at a time like this? This is totally leaving a scratch on the hearts of us stupid fangirls
9. [+17, -2] I didn’t like how the drama romanticized sasaengs to begin with;; I just want the drama to hurry up with an apology or some feedback;; this drama wouldn’t even be getting 1% without Suho in the cast list, f*ck
10. [+13, -0] This drama’s trash ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ romanticizing sasaengs and putting down fandoms! ^^

This is basically the definition of being triggered.


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