Yoojung as BTS, Jo Kwon as EXO, Microdot as Psy on a loaded ‘Golden Tambourine’

As far as actual covers go, this was probably a banner week for ‘Golden Tambourine,’ as the rapper guests showcased all sorts of versatility on a loaded show.

Probably the best example of a great cover came from Yoojung, Yoo Se Yoon, and Flowsik covering BTS‘s “Fire“.

Because she’s so versatile, Yoojung is actually more serious on the show than I usually prefer since I watch it for mess. That said, I have to admit that for ratings purposes, her actual quality in all the covers she does likely is a big draw. Aside from that, shout out to Yoo Se Yoon for not dying during the choreo and Flowsik for destroying that verse. Not a surprise with Flowsik, but still.

Meanwhile, Jo Kwon turned in a remarkable performance of EXO‘s “Growl.”

Okay, but it really is ridiculous how he had to learn all that choreo, do the choreo live, and his vocals were still clear as fuck. He also literally can’t not do ass shaking.

Then there’s Microdot, who did buff Psy for us with “Gangnam Style.”

His songs are actually not that easy to perform cause the energy level is tough to match.

But getting to the rappers out of their comfort zone, here’s Basick looking like Guy Fieri while doing Shinhwa‘s “Wild Eyes.”

All I’m saying is that this pic is going on every Basick article from now on.

Let’s not forget Shin Hyun Tak coming out and fucking the mic stand to Hong Kyung Min‘s “Shaky Friendship.”

Or most importantly, him ripping open his shirt to reveal heart-shaped chest hair…

…and then ripping said chest hair out and sprinkling it on the stage like #SaltBae.

Everybody truly got a chance to shine with the cast covering Kim Gun Mo‘s “Wrong Meeting.”

Hard to go wrong on that front, really.


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