Jo Kwon as Beyonce, Shindong does “Dumb Dumb”, Yoojung as IU on ‘Golden Tambourine’

Given that I had no idea what this show was when I first stumbled upon it in the Mnet channel, ‘Golden Tambourine‘ has become something I cover weekly. Mainly because what is essentially a karaoke battle has consistently quality guests and is a lot of fun, and that continues this week.


Jo Kwon did Beyonce‘s “Crazy In Love” in drag.

Apparently people were giving him shit for this for reasons you’d expect, but he continued to be a highlight of the show.

Speaking of show highlights, here’s Yoojung doing IU‘s “The Red Shoes“.

Yoojung is great, but this did seem to showcase just how difficult IU’s songs are more than anything else.

Oh yeah, Shindong from Super Junior was a guest, and … out of all the songs to choose, he did Red Velvet‘s “Dumb Dumb“.

It was actually kind of amazing in a comedic way, and the outfit got this priceless reaction out of Jo Kwon.

TEEN TOP‘s Neil and Ahn Young Mi teamed up to do a modern cover with Big Bang‘s “Fuck It“.

Turtles are in, apparently.

Hong Jin Young was also a guest, and the good doctor did a cover of a cover of a cover of a cover in ICONIQ‘s “Cutie Honey“.


As for the cast performance, everybody did TWICE‘s “Cheer Up“.

So many individual versions I want to hear after this … like Shindong’s.


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