Comment Of The Day: When will any of you useless assholes defend me like this?

One fan of Hwayoung and Hyoyoung that’s a regular on Netizen Buzz has become so triggered by the twins being exposed as snakes that they’ve left like over 35 comments in about an hour’s time (including about a half dozen essays) on a recently translated article about Qri/T-ara that has negative comments (of course).

With people like me, who don’t even care…


Anyway, I’m not here to argue the merit of their points or anything like that (absolute waste of time), but what I want to know is when the fuck will any of you useless cunts do the same for me?

All you guys ever do when some troll or anti comes to this site is say to “fuck off” or something of the like. Where is the FUCKING effort? Where is my CULT FANDOM?! WHERE ARE MY DISSERTATIONS DEFENDING ME OVER A 50 COMMENT BINGE?!?!?!

You guys are the most useless. I want this level of determination from now on.


Bonus content!

Somebody who thinks Netizen Buzz is basically journalism.

Oh boy.

Well that’s the problem then, isn’t it?


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