Rising actress Shimizu Fumika (22) is quitting the entertainment industry for a cult

It’s always a pity when an upcoming celebrity get sucked into a cult. It’s especially sad when she stops acting because of said cult and she’s a rising star. Shimizu Fumika, a 22-year-old up and coming actress, is suddenly quitting her gig as an actress because she wants to try to brainwash more people into the cult called Happy Science.

For those of you who don’t know, Happy Science is a cult which started in 1986 by some asshole who believes himself to be a incarnation of God of various names (because this never goes wrong!) and calling himself El Cantare. Besides your local God complex, they also believe that the Chinese will invade Japan and the Nanking Massacre is bad Hetalia fanfiction. Somehow, this cult has grabbed people internationally and, in Fumika’s case, from birth along with her three sisters. She managed to keep this shit on the down low until recently, though.

Fumika had been trying to get a couple of lawyers (from the cult? I’m getting Scientology vibes) to prematurely end her contract with LesPros Entertainment since last month, according to reports. She’s using the grounds that she’s becoming unable to balance entertainment and trying to brainwash the masses.

You may have seen Fumika in the Fuji TV variety show ‘NIJIIRO JEAN‘ and the hit shows ‘Kamen Rider Fourze‘ as Jojima Yuki and ‘HK!!! Hentai Kamen‘ as Himeno Aiko. Who knew it was hard to promote your shitty beliefs on a couple of ‘Kamen Rider‘ spin-offs and a variety show?

What makes it more surprising was that she seemed to enjoy working on the variety show, then she suddenly came down with “cult-itus” and cancelled any more future appearances while claiming “poor health.” Her agency had tried to see what’s up but they weren’t able to catch her in between El Constable’s daily “prayer,” and she even went as far as to delete the Twitter account her company gave her and opened a personal one. It’s pretty clear that she’s trying to ghost her way out of the contract at this point. However, before she suddenly decided to ghost the fuck out, she had a couple of starring roles coming up this year in ‘Tokyo Ghoul‘ and ‘Ankoku Joshi,’ but because she’s trying to leave as soon as possible, it’s unknown if they’re going to come out at all or if the companies are going to waste more valuable yen to replace her.

Although, this begs the question: why would Happy Science need her to devote herself to the cult if they have their own idol group to promote El Clientele?

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