Yoo Ah In forced to defend himself for having a busted shoulder and a tumor in his leg

In a story that would only make sense in Korea, actor Yoo Ah In essentially apologized to the public for having a body that’s messed up, after criticism erupted among speculation that he was trying to evade military service.

1. [+1,084, -60] Go to the army Ah In-ah, that’s the right thing to do
2. [+696, -43] Go enlist to active service ㄱㄱ
3. [+677, -42] Let’s talk again once you’ve decided to enlist
4. [+477, -32] Yeah dude, this isn’t the time to be shooting a drama ㅋㅋ How about you enlist in the army first
5. [+233, -19] One of the works he’s considering? Pretty much confirmed he’s doing a project. I’ve never seen a 32-year old who refuses to enlist
6. [+222, -22] So when are you going to the army?
7. [+179, -10] First, go to the army
8. [+168, -9] If you want your career to last, you need to go to the army
9. [+183, -16] Why aren’t you going to the army? I really wanna know why?
10. [+159, -11] Enlist in the army instead. You’re an 86er, you’ll have plenty of opportunity waiting for you once discharged, this is no time to be reviewing a drama

1. [+464, -7] It was benign when it was discovered in 2013 but the comments freaked out and turned him into a cancer patient
2. [+430, -10] Seemed like yesterday people were talking about him as if he was a cancer patient
3. [+290, -61] I guess it was just a rumor then ㅋㅋ but didn’t he say it was cancer yesterday?
4. [+46, -11] He media played too much about it, and is only denying it now that it’s gotten out of hand. And didn’t news of the bone tumor have to have come from him in the first place otherwise its a breach of his medical records.
5. [+45, -7] Where’d all his dumb fans go who were freaking out over him being a cancer patient
6. [+41, -6] To explain it simply, a benign tumor is harmless and can happen to anyone, might as well consider it a lump of water… So fans shouldn’t shield him saying he’s fighting cancer and therefore can’t serve in the army. What he has is pretty much like a cold… Ah In-ah, stop dragging out your enlistment and just go and serve already. You’re 32 years old, what’re you doing?
7. [+39, -9] Just one last desperate attempt to get exempt from the army
8. [+34, -3] He media played about it and now he has to clarify it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it’s like he’s putting on his own show
9. [+33. -3] ㅋㅋ So he could’ve just gotten surgery on it but he dragged it out as much as possible to get out of serving basically… how can you media play about this
10. [+25, -0] So many non-celebrities get surgery and recover and go and serve just fine so go and serve already

Note: This was when I found out somebody was impersonating me on Disqus. I have officially made it.

The fact of the matter is, however, that Yoo Ah In has been trying to enlist for over a year now and has been rejected three times due to shoulder problems by the military. Additionally, he was diagnosed with a benign bone tumor in his leg. Despite that, he’s lined up to be evaluated for enlistment in March.

Still, Yoo Ah In has had to deliver a statement clarifying about his shoulder injury…

Yoo Ah In said that he suffered a shoulder injury while filming action scenes for “Tough as Iron” in 2013, and that the injury was worsened when he was again filming action scenes for “Veteran” in 2014. “As the date for my military enlistment approached, I underwent a variety of treatments while continuing my activities. But as pain in the injured area and discomfort during excessive physical exertion persisted, I went for an MRI test in 2015, and was diagnosed with a muscle rupture (SLAP tear) in my right shoulder,” he said. A SLAP tear means a superior labral tear from anterior to posterior.

…and then apologizing for being a physical mess.

“That my injury and health problems have caused the current controversy is my misfortune, but they are never a means for evading military enlistment. It is personally very difficult that I must seek forgiveness from others for my misfortune, but I hope to take responsibility as an actor who has matured and become accomplished through the love and concern of the public.” Yoo Ah In also mentioned that “if the bone tumor has no further abnormal development, military enlistment is fully possible,” and that he has “a resolute commitment to this.” The actor also said, “I will work hard to exist as a healthy member of society.”

My god.

Look, I completely understand why the public (men, especially) would be angry that they all had to give up two years of their lives while celebrities try to dodge service just because they’re famous. I get it.

Honestly though, this just seems like a bad idea for everybody, does it not? Basically, his shoulder is busted and his tumor could randomly fell him at any moment. In that scenario, is he not actually a risk? Like I wouldn’t want his ass next to me should shit actually go down, because I can’t see how he’d be all the effective to begin with.

Of course, that brings us to what it’s really about, which is just that people want him to suffer. Yoo Ah In even refers to this in his statement in a more roundabout way, and I have a hard time believing anybody (including the damn military, quite obviously by the rejections) thinks he can be a worthwhile soldier. So really this is just about wanting to see him lose two years of his life like everybody else and suffer like the collective. I understand that expectation of fairness and the public’s cynicism about celebrities getting out of service, but nevertheless, it seems irrational to make this out to be any fault of Yoo Ah In himself regardless of how this eventually resolves.

I must seek forgiveness from others for my misfortune.



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