BTS are being accused of plagiarizing Big Bang by Korean VIPs … oh boy

In what has been a rather eventful week for BTS, the group is now being accused of plagiarizing Big Bang by the latter’s Korean fandom.

I guess the straw that broke the camel’s back was that at today’s Gaon Chart Music Awards, BTS performed a stage and Korean Big Bang stans noticed that it looked identical to a TOP solo stage.

The Big Bang stans then started pointing out every single similarity they could find between the two groups.

The fandom are demanding an apology from BTS and started trending ‘#.No_Signal_PleaseApologize‘ on Twitter. It’s gotten big enough that now it’s making its way through the Korean media a bit.


Fandom mess is always gonna be hilarious somehow.

That said, I’m inherently skeptical of plagiarism accusations because they’re thrown around so frequently and people rarely seem to know what actual plagiarism consists of. A lot of stuff can sound/look bad if you try hard enough to connect them, and I’m not sure if the universal ‘no signal’ screen or a white noise screen is gonna cut it.


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