FAKY continue run of quality with purposefully disorganized gem in “Surrender”

FAKY has returned to us with the single “Surrender,” which marks a return after a way-too-long 10 month absence.

“Surrender” definitely isn’t the most cohesive release, as it’s essentially separated into two different worlds: a softer, power vocal one and an aggressive quasi-rap one. In the end, what you think of it likely comes down to whether the two sections mesh well enough to appeal to you. Fortunately, I thought the risk not only differentiated itself from the crowd but also the payoff towards the end of meshing the two worlds made the disruption of cohesion worth it.

Certainly it doesn’t hurt that the instrumental bumps and it’s executed impressively effectively. The vocal sections are silky smooth but have a power and authority behind them, while the quasi-rap sections are delivered with the necessary conviction and bite to make the attitude tangible through the song.

Quite frankly, my only problem with this was that the music video seems like it was edited by the dude who does T-ara‘s music videos and should come with a seizure warning or something.

The replayability of the track has been impressive so far, as the seemingly scattershot structure becomes less jarring as time goes on. FAKY have already earned a place on the shortlist of J-pop group I look out for, and they’ve earned it through consistently quality releases, of which “Surrender” is up there with their best.


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