Jisoo loved to eat all kinds of paper, tells kids Santa Claus doesn’t exist, and ruins rabbits

I was initially drawn to Jisoo of BLACKPINK because she’s cute as fuck, but ever since that has taken a backseat to her inherent oddness/weirdness. That only continues after I have learned that Jisoo literally used to eat different kinds of paper, including damn books, until she met her match with tissue paper.

Most kids smuggle candy to eat in secret, but Jisoo went with origami paper. And look, I’m not buying that damn excuse that tissue paper made her stop. There a 99.9% chance she’s still eating paper on the regular as soon as that camera turns off.

Anyway, I was just going to make an article on her paper eating, which is a weird-ass sentence to type about an idol on its own. However, since then, she has further endeared herself to me, and has started to close in on Hyerin territory by proclaiming that she hates corporate holidays and wants to ruin Christmas for children.



And rabbits? Yeah, fuck rabbits.



Jisoo not only knows her zoology, but uses it to dedicate herself to her life mission of ruining things for children that ruined her own childhood.

Like an idol comic book villain or something.

This is great.


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