China blocks K-pop and K-dramas from being streamed … welp

In the latest news on China taking out their THAAD frustrations with Korea on the latter’s entertainment industry, the Chinese government has blocked Korean music and dramas on popular streaming sites.

A website uploading South Korean dramas said on its social media account on Weibo that it will stop updating video clips of South Korean entertainment programs for the time being. “Everybody should be aware of the reason for this,” it said, hinting at China’s toughened restriction on Korean pop culture, widely known as “hallyu.”

“China has made regional satellite TV broadcasters suspend the airing of South Korean TV programs and give no permission for Korean stars to appear on Chinese TV shows,” an industry official said. “Blocking access to streaming services is feared to deal a blow to (the Korean industry).”

Welp, sucks for the Chinese fans and the Korean companies.

While this doesn’t affect me, I’m mainly just thinking of how much it must suck to live in a place where shit like this can just happen.


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