Code Kunst’s weed-and-chill track “Fire Water” is subtle, sensual, and excellent

Code Kunst is dropping an album called ‘Muggles’ Mansion,’ which I definitely want to listen to, and a song called “Fire Water” featuring Tablo and G.Soul had a music video recently released.

I was skeptical about this when it started because it’s so soft sounding, but eventually I realized that there’s tempo to it and a cohesion between the instrumental and vocals that creates this subtle, sensual mood throughout that never relents. Both G.Soul’s vocal and Tablo’s rap never break immersion in the world Code Kunst created, and it makes “Fire Water” an easy song to groove along with over and over again.

If at any point the vocal, rap, or instrumental got to be too extra it likely would’ve ruined the track, but amazingly that temptation was resisted throughout and the result is a release that makes you want to repeat it over and over.

That world I’m talking about is only reinforced if you’re also watching the music video.

“Fire Water” is basically the perfect track to get high and chill to, so it’s rather hilarious and cruel that it’s released in a market that treats weed like heroin. But in all seriousness, while I can understand why this might not appeal to some, this was just executed so well all around that it converted a skeptic to a fan in five minutes.


‘Muggles’ Mansion’ Album

“Fire Water” Song


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