LADYBEARD is back with Deadlift Lolita, and his partner is beast mode

Ladybeard is back to bless us all with his existence, this time teaming up with Saiki Reika to form Deadlift Lolita. The duo are active in professional wrestling, which somehow isn’t much of a surprise after just a glance at the pictures of the two.

Their debut single will be “SIX PACK TWINS,” because why not? Sounds like fun.

Then again, if the K-pop world has taught us anything, it’s that even being associated with the word lolita makes you responsible for pedophiles, much less willingly associating yourself with the word. So time to hate!

Or perhaps I’m just salty because she has better biceps and abdominal genetics than I do. Quite frankly, Asian pop was the last place I expected to find a reminder of my biceps inadequacy and now I’m salty. So jelly.

Wait, I think I just figured out what it’s like to be the type of netizen who leaves dumbass comments on articles.


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