[Update] Sulli and Choiza confirmed to have broken up, which means mess has only begun

After multiple media reports that Sulli and Choiza had broken up, SM Entertainment confirmed the news.

It has just been confirmed by SM Entertainment that Sulli and Choiza have indeed split. A representative from the entertainment agency has just stated, “It is true that Sulli and Choiza recently broke up. The two decided to leave behind a good junior-senior relationship.”

What does this mean for rational human beings? Well, nothing really. What does this mean for netizens? It’s a field day to randomly hate to make themselves feel better about their otherwise pathetic lives. What does this mean for Netizen Buzz? Their 2017 income is gonna be set by April.

Now Sulli’s gonna start dating G-Dragon or some shit, because mess is life.



Amoeba Culture has also confirmed.

Hello, this is Amoeba Culture.

Because this is the private life of our artist we are hesitant to make a statement, but due to the overwhelming interest and concern from the public, we will make a statement [on behalf of Choiza].

The two naturally grew further apart due to their own busy schedules and ways of life.

The two cherish the time that they spent together, and as friends and colleagues they will continue to support one another’s futures.

As talented artists with much potential, we hope that everyone will warmly encourage each of their futures.

Lastly, we would also like to convey our apologies for unintentionally interrupting your day with this news.

Thank you.


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