T-ara are confirmed to be coming back in May, set to rise from the ashes

It was rumored that T-ara would be making a comeback as a group, and MBK Entertainment confirmed that rumor not long after, saying that they would be coming back in May of this year.

On March 6, MBK Entertainment confirmed the news and revealed, “T-ara will be making a comeback in early May with their 13th mini-album.”

Apparently it’s also not going to be a “Tiamo” type song, which probably means we’re getting a dance track. Hopefully a disco bop.

So still no Jiyeon solo or T-ara full album (yet), but at least the six will have group activities again. Realistically, unless their song goes viral at some point, they probably won’t regain their top status, but at least the promotional cycle should be a lot less messy.



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