Baek Yerin tells haters on her Instagram Live to catch these hands, basically

Baek Yerin has always had haters for one reason or another, but things have kicked up a notch recently after it was rumored that she was dating singer/producer Cloud. Said hate apparently carried over to an Instagram Live stream she did a couple days ago, but no worries, she had the right attitude.

At around 8:46, she tells somebody off with a “Fuck you too, bitch!” And I can see this being used in a wide variety of applications.

Later, at 15:40, she explains her feelings about people hacking her account, saying, “Don’t hack my account! I’m gonna track you down, and I’m gonna kill you!”


Then at 21:10, she ponders why people care if they don’t know her, saying, “If you don’t know about me, then just … get out. Why do you care so much?”

I think it’s the hair flip that does it, though.

Furthermore, back at 8:09, she says, “If you’re gonna be perverts then get out of my face.” At 14:50, she calls somebody out for being racist, who is apparently talking about her eyes. Then at 23:03, she amusingly says, “Fuck you, too! Don’t say fuck in front of my fans, okay?” Makes sense! Then I guess people were making lewd comments, so at 27:39 she proclaims, “You never saw my boobs, go away, perv.”

Time to stan.

Thank you for the display of some of the most swag in K-pop.


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