Dirty Iljin Manwhores: Monsta X’s Wonho Edition

Hello, we are back with Dirty Iljin Manwhores, a much unloved segment at Asian Junkie Dot Com. God himself (IATFB) gave me green light to proceed the eagerly awaited Wonho edition. I know, I know, you can cry yourself to sleep now.

If you don’t know who this fucker is, then you’ve been living under a rock for at least for 100,000 years. Wonho is an elven creature from the group Monsta X, under Starship Entertainment.

There’s a few areas of science I want everyone to focus on. For example, Wonho has an upper torso, arms, thighs. and a butt. All very remarkable…

My favourite? His arms (I’m also a thigh lady, but we all know this). I love science.

Not only is Wonho serving remarkable body parts, he is king at the soft boifu-look, Which I know many readers love.

Honestly though, my all-time favourite piece of Wonho science has to be his David Bowie in ‘The Labyrinth‘ look. It was the film that changed my life as a teen, just like Wonho rocking that look has now.

Anyway, please do share your favourite Wonho pics and vids.

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