Gavy NJ drop a gem of a pop ballad out of nowhere with “An Obvious Melo”

Gavy NJ have technically been around since 2005, but all of the original members are long gone and none of the current members have been in the group earlier than 2012. Still, that hasn’t stopped the trio of Jenny, Gunji, and Seorin from dropping a gem in “An Obvious Melo.”

The thing that caught my ear was definitely the flamenco/tango-inspired instrumental, but then rather stick to the bare basics, it later kicks up the tempo to match the power being put forward. The inclusion of the guitar and the clapping effects rounds off what is a great sounding track, and that’s before even talking about the vocals.

Of course, the singing itself should be a strength for Gavy NJ as they have always been a pop ballad trio. However, that doesn’t always mean those groups live up to the billing as being able to belt and be loud doesn’t make a great song. Fortunately, Gavy NJ seem to complement each other well in terms of range, power, and tone, helping “An Obvious Melo” fulfill its potential.

There are obvious moments that are just included to showcase their vocal prowess, but there are enough subdued sections in the composition that it doesn’t feel abusive like a lot of pop ballads tend to get. There’s time to relax your ears a bit in this, which is utterly necessary when doing what they do vocally.

Initially, I didn’t like the end of the track, as it was rather abrupt and sudden for something that started slow and then grew to foot-tapping pace. However, eventually I began to understand the play, as it makes you instinctively reach for the replay button. So basically, from start to finish, “An Obvious Melo” is the best-case scenario for a mid-tempo pop ballad.


‘An Obvious Melo’ Album


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