LOONA 1/3 give us a surprisingly listless retread in “Love & Live”

LOONA haven’t even introduced like half their members yet, but they already have a sub-unit release from LOONA 1/3 called “Love & Live“.

The ballsiness of LOONA’s company with this debut concept is admirable considering the amount of risk they are taking if all this lead-up stuff was shit, since it would essentially tank the group before it even got off the ground. Thankfully, they’ve had a lot more hits than misses for my money. Unfortunately, I can’t say “Love & Live” is one of them.

It’s a light and fluffy type of song concept that’s built around a driving synth instrumental. The easy comparison is Lovelyz‘s “Ah-Choo“, but even though that was hardly my favorite release, it was still better than this knockoff version. “Love & Live” is one of those tracks that needs a solidly catchy hook to make it all come together, and that was desperately missing here.

Additionally, it seemed like the strain of starting with such a high pitch eventually wore on the girls, as in sections it was more eardrum exploding than pleasant and cute as a listen. So while the core of LOONA 1/3’s “Love & Live” is solid, once it begins to branch out, the flaws start to become more and more apparent. Eventually it all weighs the effort down in a lot of blah, which is unfortunate for girls who have already shown they can do better.


‘Love & Live’ Album


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