MVP’s debut with “Take It” makes them a rookie group to watch

It’s already mid-March, but it doesn’t feel like 2017 has given us any real notable debuts yet. This time last year, we’d already seen the first releases by Astro, KNK, WJSN, and Imfact. 2017 hasn’t been quite as prolific so far, but it just got a kick-start with MVP’s “Take It.” The new boy group may come from a small agency, but they’re officially “one to watch.”

Many have already pointed out the similarity of “Take It” to 2013’s “Mama Beat” by disbanded group LC9. And while the two share a jackhammer electro riff as their centerpiece, MVP incorporates it more deftly to create a stronger through line. “Take It” kicks off with this production flourish, and right from the start brings a sense of rambunctious energy that quickly becomes infectious. Thankfully, the song sidesteps the urge to use this instrumental element as a crutch. Instead, a strong pop melody is built around the hard-hitting production, matching it beat for beat when it comes to intensity. Even the rap verses — so often disposable in K-pop — trace the curves of the instrumental with a propulsive drive. From a songwriting and production standpoint, it’s just really well thought out.

The chorus itself could be a bit longer, but I’m pleased that the group opted for a warm, melodic hook to counter the song’s staccato arrangement. It gives the guys a chance to show off their vocals, but more importantly it offers a more fleshed-out segment amidst the bluster of the verses and breakdowns that surround it. And then there’s that unbridled shout during the central electro riff. Never underestimate the effectiveness of a well-placed pop music shout. It feels like MVP are out for blood, and that’s exactly how a rookie group should operate.


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