KARD react to the “Chantaje” MV from Shakira and Maluma, and it is glorious

People have been telling me to post this for days now, asking if I had forsaken KARD or something, but it’s just the opposite. For shit I care about less, I can just throw it out there with a quick post, and the barrage of recent drama was mainly that. However, for things I truly care about, I want to watch and enjoy, thus this is like — much like ‘God Of Music‘ recaps were.

Anyway, here’s KARD reacting to the music video for “Chantaje” by Shakira and Maluma.

BM repeating words he hears in another language only makes me wait until he has his “CAO NI MA” moment.

As I suspected, most of this is BM and J.Seph drooling.


Jiwoo wasn’t ready for Shakira’s age.

And Somin with the quote of the video.

The typo only makes it better in a way.

Seriously though, they seemed enamored with the “freedom” aspect of it all.


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