New label All Right Music (from RBW) debut with “All Right” and is just alright

All Right Music is a new hip-hop label from Rainbow Bridge World, and it consists of rappers Basick, Big Tray, and Marvel J, singer B.O., and producers Im Sang Hyuk and Firebat. As an introduction to their new label, they decided to release a label track, called “All Right“.

The instrumental seems to aim to imitate a lot of what Dr. Dre has done, most prominently the high-pitched synth in the background that’s reminiscent of “Gin & Juice” and/or “Nuthin’ But A G Thang“. Additionally, the piano reminds me a bit of “Still DRE“. So the inspiration is obviously second-to-none, but when mashing all that together, plus an R&B section on a label collab? It gets mad busy and a tad disorganized.

The execution of the individual sections show potential, but this really did come across like a bunch of people doing their own parts rather than a crew feeding off each other. As such, it’s less than the sum of its parts, and there just isn’t enough else to pull me out of the interesting-but-meh attitude I have towards this.

That said, Basick alone will be enough to keep my interest alive in the label going forward.


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Thot Leaderâ„¢