IU’s “Through The Night” romanticizes genocide & so sentimental slop must be banned

IU is already known as being an self-admitted sly fox, as well as a known iljin pedo queen, so it should come as no surprise that her pre-release “Through The Night” is problematic as well. It was promised to be ‘sentimental,’ but what it’s sentimental about is killing humans in massive quantities.

The fireflies she mentions is a reference to how they’re used thematically in ‘Grave Of The Fireflies‘, indicating human souls that have moved on. Thus, she’s sending dead humans as a gift to a ‘person’ because she romanticizes killing people, and the ‘person’ she’s missing and in love with is actually genocide, so this entire thing is a representation of her fetish for human suffering and mass murder.

Absolutely disgusting.

The only recourse I can see is that these sloppy sentimental slop type of tracks must be banned from Korea forever, and just to be safe, I think they need to take the ballads with them as well. I mean, you do think genocide is wrong, right?



I can’t believe all of you.



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