Kim Hyun Joong’s agency lied about how he got his DUI, amazingly dig the hole deeper

Admitted domestic abuser Kim Hyun Joong, his agency KeyEast Entertainment, and his fans are continually setting determination records, and after he got booked for DUI and got his license suspended, KeyEast tried their best ‘oppa didn’t mean it’ to the press.

His entertainment company KeyEast Entertainment said on March 30, “At dawn on March 26, Kim Hyun Joong was drinking with his friends near his house when he was asked to move his car by a parking attendant. He drove to comply with this.” They said, “He hadn’t slept for a few days to practice for his concert, and while he didn’t even drive 1 kilometer, he was asked to submit to a blood alcohol test and had his driver’s license suspended.” They added, “Regardless of the reason, it was wrong for Kim Hyun Joong to get behind the wheel and he understands that what he did is wrong and he is reflecting. We will be careful so that this doesn’t happen again in the future.”

All of you guys were mocking what his excuse would be, but some of you were disturbingly spot on. Basically, they’re saying, “Oppa was only moving his car a little bit and he passed out for a while because he was so tired from working hard for his fans!

That is, of course, a dumb as hell excuse and doesn’t make anything better at all. However, it’s also a dumb as hell excuse that was a blatant lie. Channel A revealed CCTV footage showing that he passed out at a stoplight for about 15 minutes while dozens of cars passed him on a green light, and that he was not where he said he was either.

While showing reported security camera proof, the news outlet explained that Kim Hyun Joong had fallen asleep behind the wheel at a stoplight while under the influence for approximately 15 minutes before the police came. The location of his car was not near the place he was drinking with friends, but supposedly around three kilometers away. The newscaster also stated that they have confirmation that Kim Hyun Joong was actually driving home, rather than moving his car.

The receipts came with the report.

Dude was literally just parked in the middle of the fucking road.

When asked why the CCTV footage told a different story than their statement, KeyEast gave a non-answer.

When Channel A asked KeyEast about the discrepancy, the agency stated, “We were not attempting to justify a wrongdoing.” To another news outlet, the agency reiterated that they were not trying to excuse his wrongful actions, and further elaborated, “We explained what we confirmed as the truth about what happened during the situation at the time. [Kim Hyun Joong] acknowledges his mistake of driving under the influence and is reflecting, just like how it was revealed the first time around.”

KeyEast basically got caught lying and don’t have anything to say to try and lighten the blow anymore.

But speaking about determination, is Kim Hyun Joong actually reflecting? Nah, dude is going right ahead with his fanmeeting.

His agency KeyEast Entertainment relayed on March 31, “There was no decision to cancel Kim Hyun Joong’s fan meeting.” They added, “He will go ahead with the schedules that are already set. Besides that, nothing has been decided.” Kim Hyun Joong’s fan meeting is scheduled for April 29 in Seoul’s Olympic Hall in the Olympic Park. There was some questions earlier as to whether or not he will cancel this fan meet in light of the recent charge.

Remarkable, really.


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