DIA team with Hong Jin Young & Kim Yon Ja drop basic trot effort, “You Are My Flower”

DIA‘s pre-release for their upcoming comeback is trot effort, “You Are My Flower,” which features Hong Jin Young and Kim Yon Ja.

Not sure why MBK Entertainment had them do this. Like how does this help them tease the comeback? I don’t get it.

Honestly, this isn’t even poppier trot like Lizzy‘s timeless classic, “Not An Easy Girl.” Rather, it’s just straight-up basic trot song, which can be a pleasant genre to listen to, but it’s not hard to understand why the target demo of songs like this are people who are 80 years old.

Hey, I’d cry if I had to be in a music video for a song as bland as this.

At least their actual comeback track looks sporty and fun.


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