‘Crime Scene 3’ cast is A Pink’s Eunji, Park Jiyoon, Jang Jin, Kim Ji Hoon, Yang Se Hyung

After waiting for about 500 years, ‘Crime Scene 3‘ is on the verge of starting, and they also finally revealed the five main cast.

The five are actor Kim Ji Hoon (who was a guest on three episodes in ‘Crime Scene 2‘), host Park Jiyoon (who has been around since the original ‘Crime Scene‘), director Jang Jin (a ‘Crime Scene 2’ main cast), comedian Yang Se Hyung (who I’m not familiar with at all), and A Pink‘s Eunji (as the idol pick, I suppose).

Not my ideal choices, but a solid group when you think about it. Park Jiyoon and Jang Jin are consistently good veteran cast members, Kim Ji Hoon proved his worth in his guest spots last time, and Eunji has rarely not been entertaining on variety. My only real question is the choice of Yang Se Hyung as the comedian, but we’ll see how that pans out.

The guest lineup should be equally interesting to find out.



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