Giriboy’s “Express Highway” is the perfect nighttime drive release

Giriboy is back with “Express Highway“, and because Just Music Entertainment is broke or something, all he got was an abbreviated lyric video for it.

Thankfully, the whole track is like three times as long.

“Express Highway” delivers exactly what the title makes it sound like, which is ideal music to jam to as you’re having a chill night drive on a highway. The slightly off-kilter underlying beat sets the foundation, while the combination of the high-pitched keyboard (almost sounds flute-esque) and xylophone give the song a light and playful vibe.

The work of Giriboy himself helped immensely as he flowed comfortably in a relaxed manner, alternating between a simplistic sing-songy rap style and a conventional more rapid style that works extremely well for “Express Highway.” The purposefully mechanical delivery of the chorus provided a different sound and made it all the more catchy, which just topped off what was already an excellent release.



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