‘Produce 101’ contestant Lee Seo Kyu was a victim of assault by former group members

Lee Seo Kyu of IT Entertainment is a contestant on ‘Broduce 101‘, and it was revealed recently that he was a victim of assault from his former group members in a group called (yes, really) the Naughty Boys.

Previously, in September 2016, three members of the group Naughty Boys (formerly known as Pure Boys), Hwang, Jeon, and Yang (only referred to by their surnames), were charged with assaulting their team member Lee Seo Kyu during a time when they were still promoting as Pure Boys, kicking and punching Lee Seo Kyu in the chest and stomach. It was later revealed that the three members were fined for their actions. Member Hwang was also investigated by prosecutors for repeated assault of another group member, while member Yang was investigated for threats and extortion of a group member. Naughty Boys came to be when the group, which had been promoting as Pure Boys, left the agency, dropped the name, and began to work independently as Naughty Boys, which resulted in the group being slapped with civil and criminal lawsuits.

Can’t make this shit up. What’s in a name? A lot, apparently.

The identities of the trio that abused Lee Seo Kyu were allegedly identified elsewhere (and it certainly looks damning), but regardless, one has to feel terrible for the dude. Fortunately, it seems like he’s put that in the past now, and I’m not sure where he’s ranked currently, but it’ll probably help him in the voting, from the attention if nothing else.


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