BTOB’s Minhyuk sent a message to alleged ex-gf, Cube maybe gives alternative facts

BTOB‘s Minhyuk got involved in a bit of a mess recently, as he recently tried to send a message to an alleged ex-girlfriend through Instagram, but his supposed ex’s current boyfriend saw it and left an angry comment on his Instagram in reply. So Minhyuk took to his fan cafe for damage control and wrote a statement to his fans.


I feel that it’s embarrassing to go on and on explaining what happened, and it may cause further misunderstanding. This is why I’m giving a simple explanation. Yesterday during the day, I sent my former girlfriend a message. I was curious how she was doing because it’s been a while, so I sent a message that said, ‘Why don’t I have your number?’ That was all, but in the end, I did something stupid that I shouldn’t have done.

It wasn’t a meaningful message, and I was just asking how she was doing in passing. However, it seems I’ve made a silly mess. Her boyfriend may have been angry as he left a comment on my Instagram expressing his unhappiness. Despite the reason I sent the message, I was in the wrong for sending a message without knowing she has a boyfriend.

This has made me realize that it’s immature to think of past relationships. Melodies could’ve gone on without knowing about this, but instead of letting rumors spread, I thought it’d be better to just explain myself.

There’s nothing more I can say. Please don’t look into it too much. The recent rumors concerning me are almost all false. The members and I have a deep, big love for Melody. If there are those who were disappointed because of this recent issue, I apologize. With this situation in mind, I’ll take extra care about my actions in the future.



Okay, so he’s saying he basically did the Instagram equivalent of drunk dialing, didn’t know his supposed ex-gf had a boyfriend, and it pissed the boyfriend off. Embarrassing but understandable and not worth writing about.


The reason I’ve been using “alleged ex-gf” is because the woman that Minhyuk sent the Instagram message to has denied ever dating him. Thus, this situation then gets a bit amusing because Cube Entertainment had to release an explanation for Minhyuk’s explanation.

“This is an official statement regarding BTOB Minhyuk’s false explanation controversy regarding his ex-girlfriend. Minhyuk had been dating his former girlfriend for 4 months, and they exchanged messages about how they are doing every now and then. He came across someone who looked just like her and was curious about how she was doing as it’s been a while. He then sent a message, and it’s caused a controversy. We’re revealing that all the false rumors circulating his ‘false explanation’ are not true. We apologize that the explanation he made in order to prevent fans from misunderstanding has caused even more confusion and worry.”

It’s possible that Minhyuk saw a woman that looked like his ex, got emo for his ex, and effectively Instagram drunk dialed his ex. Embarrassing, but technically still fits the official narrative. Knowing dudes, however, it seems likely that Minhyuk was trying to smash some random woman on Instagram. Of course, as an idol they can’t exactly come out and say that, so Cube could be using alternative facts to help him save his image.

Either way, it’s not a big deal, but one scenario is much funnier, so release the messages!


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