Song Hae, 89-year-old MC, groped a child on ‘National Singing Contest’ to check him

Through his own admission on broadcast, 89-year-old MC Song Hae touched the penis of a young boy on ‘National Singing Contest‘ recently.

On the March 26 broadcast of National Singing Contest, Song Hae was seen inappropriately touching a student without a second thought, upsetting the show’s viewers. When Song Hae touched the 2nd grader, the student asked the MC what he was doing. Song Hae did not deny touching him and instead justified his behavior.

“I touched your penis. You sang a female singer’s song so well that I had to touch [to check].” — Song Hae

What the fuck.

That led to the KCSC issuing a warning.

“Song Hae is a national MC who receives a lot of love from the public but it was necessary to bring attention to this situation because it was on broadcast.” — Korea Communication Standards Commission

It’s fucked up anyway, but the kid’s question makes his mindset with regards to this even clearer that this wasn’t taken by him as a “joke” or whatever. So basically Song Hae just molested a second grader on television and bragged about it.

Of all the stupid shit people get outraged about in Korean entertainment, it’s amazing that serious stuff is forgotten in passing rather frequently.


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