LABOUM continue their run of pop excellence with upbeat, catchy “Hwi Hwi”

LABOUM have consistently brought quality singles into the K-pop fold but have yet to be rewarded for it, and now they’re back with “Hwi Hwi” to finally hope people take interest.

The synths and whistles immediately set the tone for the uptempo dance sound that persists throughout the track, as well as the happy and fun atmosphere that “Hwi Hwi” operates in. The verses are executed solidly, but mainly serve as a way to get to the chorus, which is fine as long as the payoff is there.

Speaking of, the pre-chorus uses a half-time delivery contrasted with a swelling beat in order to setup the hook to come. Thankfully, the song pays it off with a full-bodied sound for the chorus, with a mechanical delivery that changes the rhythm. The “miss this kiss” part is the hook, but the whistling itself also serves as a secondary hook of sorts. That’s important since as great as a song as this is to listen to, there isn’t a section that necessarily jumps at you immediately.

While the song may not be obviously amazing on the initial listen, any misgivings begin to subside with repeated listens. The replayability quickly becomes apparent, which is a common theme of LABOUM efforts and why I enjoy their releases so much.


The music video is basically just a constant assault of visuals, which isn’t gonna draw much complaint from me.

I was marginally surprised that the dance lacked the same pop one usually gets from LABOUM’s choreo, but it’s not a major issue.

LABOUM has yet to have a single in the Top 100, but much like Crayon Pop‘s early discography, I’ll put their singles up against any other girl group. “Hwi Hwi” only boosts that feeling further, and between their quality songs and visually appealing members, LABOUM biggest problem seems to continue to be that they’re from Global H Media and not like JYP Entertainment.

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