Baekhyun’s “Take You Home” fails to generate any feeling, just as it was designed

We’re officially in spring overload. And with that, I have to apologize for my continued lack of enthusiasm over many of the “spring-like” songs released lately. More than almost any other country, Korea is obsessed with supplying an unending series of inoffensive seasonal tracks so light and unassuming that they just kind of fizzle into nothing.

I wish I could get excited about a song like “Take You Home“. I love Baekhyun, and honestly consider him to be EXO‘s most recognizable and defining voice. He’s proven himself a versatile performer — equally comfortable leading a party-starting dance track as he is belting out an emotional ballad. But he doesn’t have much to do here, because it’s not the kind of music that demands anything from the listener. I would rather a track shoot for the moon and come up short in places than float along with no discernible goal beyond offering a bit of pleasant background music.

In some ways, “pleasant” is the worst thing I could write about a song, because by its very nature the word elicits no strong feeling in either direction. The light beat and ingratiating melody of “Take You Home” certainly don’t send my finger directly towards the skip button. In fact, that wistful chorus and its airy backing vocal actually piques my attention briefly, but the track never feels more than mildly engaging. One unique instrumental touch or surprising refrain may have improved things, but when it comes down to it, “Take You Home” was never designed to stand out. It’s a song meant to reinforce the tones and atmosphere that have become synonymous with spring in K-pop. And with that in mind, I suppose it does its job as well as can be expected.

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