DIA’s “Will You Go Out With Me” reminds of early Girl’s Day for better and worse

DIA are back with two new members in tow and “Will You Go Out With Me“, and though the results were a bit mixed, this was probably their best effort so far.

The driving, pulsating beat is easy to get attached to, and is more readily appealing than any DIA single I remember. It reminds me of Girl’s Day‘s early cuter tracks in tone, and the more I listened, the less I was bothered by the high-pitched vocals they used for whatever reason.

That said, I’m not sure if the temporary disturbances to the main beat were effective, and it was still a bit grating to listen to sections of the hook and the “omo omo omo” part due to the shrillness of the vocals. Furthermore, I felt like the song was performed in a way that made the accompanying music video a necessity. It was a bit like a musical during the times they were basically talking and having a musical conversation of sorts, and while some tracks tell a story through lyrics, “Will You Go Out With Me” managed to sound like one.

Thus it was a bit weird to listen to only the music initially, but things made more sense after watching the MV as well, and it’s easy to see where the musical elements are put to use.

The music video is also about 90% Chaeyeon.

Still, the chorus was basically a combination of hooks of “Twinkle Twinkle” and Justin Bieber‘s “Baby“, which is more addictive than one probably wants to admit on first listen. While I still ran into too many problems to truly recommend “Will You Go Out With Me” (or DIA), with a few tweaks I could’ve definitely seen this being a great song, and they appear to be on the right track with the new members.


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