Sulli does nothing special, still gives us an incredible self-own by a netizen

Sulli, who never said she was leaving Instagram, still managed to piss people off by deleting all her pictures and then posting again through doing innocuous promo for something she did with Elle Korea.

Quite frankly, her Instagram has been standard issue for weeks now as it’s mostly about promo for stuff that makes her money. Still, just by existing, Sulli can gift us with reactions like this from netizens, which is an amazing self own.

8. [+9, -1] When people are mentally tired or unstable, they tend to obsess over certain things. Seems like she’s showing the symptoms;; If only someone around her would get her tested or help, she’d be a lot better;;

Obsessing over certain things, huh? Like things you pretend not to care about, maybe? Hm.

Always great when people get so close to getting it but are also on the complete opposite end of the spectrum in terms of what they actually believe.


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