Tao wins lawsuit against SME in China, loses in Korea, basically doesn’t matter

Tao recently got mixed news (well, sorta) from the courts in his contract dispute with SM Entertainment, winning in China and losing in Korea.

So basically, SME lost to Tao on the subject of exclusive management rights in Chinese courts. So Tao can do whatever he wants in China and they can’t sue him for contract violations or fuck with people who employ him. However, the courts ruled against him in Korea, using the logic of setting a bad precedent.

Obviously the only thing that matters to Tao is that he can do whatever he wants in China without getting messed with, but if that was actually the logic cited in the ruling by the Korean court, it does seem like they were reaching a bit with the ruling by including the current political climate and all.

Regardless, there’s basically no way Tao and the rest of the Escape Trio can lose in their situations. Even if they end up having to pay money back or get a portion of their earnings taken, they’re still bigger stars in the bigger market at the end of the day.


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