Lost child Hyerin wanders around EXID performance, is a human meme

Hyerin of EXID is a human meme, which she proved once again by basically wandering randomly into a camera shot meant for Hani during a “Night Rather Than Day” performance.

LE, the only adult left in EXID with Solji gone, dragged her on Instagram for it.

And because Hyerin is Hyerin, she did it.

Also, bonus content.

넘나맛잇는 #반숙카스테라 #쿠데타 @x_xellybabyx @ahnhani_92

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우리만의 즐거운놀이2 주연 @ahnhani_92 @hyeliniseo

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나 서혜린 짱팬 @hyeliniseo

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