NiiHWA’s “Can’t Stop” is one of my favorites so far this year

As I was scrolling through new releases I decided to give NiiHWA a try, and among the dozens of wastes of time I come across, I was glad I gave his latest a chance. “Can’t Stop” is self-composed by the singer-songwriter and he did an impressive job of capturing sort of a 90s pop R&B sound while maintaining a bit of modern twist.

“Can’t Stop” felt like it was the kind of groovy jam that a lot of male idol soloists are seeking out, as NiiHWA gives us something sensual and emotional but also a bit peppy and fun. The beat gives it a sense of pace, and when the synth in the background goes up the scale and works its way back down it reminds me of something Blackstreet might’ve done, like an uptempo version of “Don’t Leave Me“. Definitely addictive just in its own right and helps makes the track memorable.

Vocally, NiiHWA manages to provide an immersive performance that fits well with the track and stays within an appropriate range while also showcasing his ability, adding the necessary attitude and feeling to a song of this nature. To avoid becoming a bit repetitive it does shake things up, like using silence after the first chorus, giving us just finger snaps and gradually bringing the listener back into the fold with an almost a capella section before exploding right back into the verse.

“Can’t Stop” was addictive to me from the initial listen, with replayability off the charts, and it’s hard not to fall in love with it eventually. This is one of my favorites so far this year, and I can see this getting a ton of play over the years.

As it stands, NiiHWA’s biggest obstacle seems to be basically be that he was not formerly a part of an idol group or something.


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