EXO stans are actually calling JYPE to complain about TWICE’s superpowers concept

TWICE‘s concept for their upcoming comeback with “Signal” has many excited, but not among those are some EXO stans, who feel it’s too similar to EXO’s own superpower concept.

Well, in completely unsurprising news, there are always people being a bit extra. Some EXO stans are haranguing poor JYP Entertainment customer service for answers. THEY DEMAND THE TRUTH!

Phone Conversation

Me: This is a complaint in regards to TWICE.
JYP: …Yes…? What can I help you with…?
Me: The concept this album is that TWICE are supernatural being from out of this world, right?
JYP: Yes, that’s correct.
Me: But this concept overlaps with a sunbae-group’s.
JYP: Ah … yes we have been receiving emails about that.
Me: Honestly, supernatural concepts aren’t so uncommon, there’s a lot of sci-fi movies out there too…
JYP: Yes…
Me: But the concept of being supernaturals from another planet is exclusive to that sunbae-group.
JYP: Ah … yes …
Me: The teaser over the weekend caused a stir online there was an article out about it and you said you’ve been getting emails so you’ve assessed the problem and preparing feedback, right?
JYP: Oh yes, we will be responding via email with feedback directly!
Me: Even though the articles caused damage to their sunbae group’s image you’re not going to give a proper apology statement…?
JYP: Ah … well …
Me: It became kind of a big deal.
JYP: I can’t say for certain at the moment but I believe we will be sending replies to the emails for now.
Me: Is it difficult to get through to the higher-ups?
JYP: Yes, it’s policy.
Me: I understand. Please give me the email address and send me a reply quickly.
JYP: The email is [email protected].

The common theme in all of these phone calls that fandoms make is that the fans all come off as the most entitled people on Earth.

Like the best parts are when the fan basically asks to speak to the decision makers and scolds some customer service rep for not issuing a proper apology. How do you even get the nuts to do this shit without shame? The best/worst is that you can READ the resignation in the JYPE rep’s voice as they say “Ah … yes we have been receiving emails about that”, probably questioning why they have to work this job.

Aside from the fact that this is all utterly stupid because people adopting superpowers is a concept that basically everybody would like to do at some point and is certainly about the opposite of original for EXO or TWICE or anybody, all I can think about in situations like these are those poor poor poor customer service reps.


Thanks to CaratClara for the translation help.


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