Jang Moonbok gets emotional, proves he can dance, Heechul’s a fan #JusticeForJMB

Jang Moonbok once again acquitted himself well with heartfelt lyrics on the ‘Broduce 101‘ stage in his group’s cover of Mino‘s “Fear“.

I can understand how people think he didn’t fit the rest of the mood created by his group, but it’s kind of disturbing how much idol fans correlate having a deep voice with being a good rapper. Regardless, this kind of track is going to revolve around lyrical expression more than anything else and JMB always has that on topics like this.

Most importantly, we can see his improvement already, even in his dancing.

Oh yeah, and add another to the harem, this time in Heechul da gawd, who says JMB is somebody he “personally roots for”.


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