The Legend won their lawsuit against their terrible company, have to disband anyway

When we last left off with The Legend, they filed a lawsuit against their unfortunately-named company SS Entertainment, claiming that they were unable to get lessons, they had no manager or transportation, and their dorm had no gas and electricity.

Well after a nine-month legal battle, the group won their lawsuit. However, as a result their contracts were canceled and the group was therefore disbanded.

The accusations were so cartoonishly negligent, like something you’d see from the evil company in a Korean drama or something, that it was almost too much to believe. But as their company remained silent with no defense, it became more and more real, and now we know for sure the horrible conditions The Legend was forced to operate in.

There’s unfortunately no real winner in this given what the members are left with now, but at least The Legend don’t have to suffer under the company’s bullshit anymore.


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Thot Leader™