Dumbfoundead redefines “Hyung” with Dok2, Simon D, and Tiger JK

Dumbfoundead aims squarely at the title of his song in “Hyung” and he gets help from an All-Star cast of Dok2, Simon D, and Tiger JK.

With lyrics like “you ain’t a hyung, pockets are young, you haven’t done shit, but fuck all that hyung shit” and “show me respect, I’ll show it back, that’s the code of conduct, I could give a fuck if your bitch ass older”, Dumbfoundead’s intentions aren’t exactly cryptic, and according to him that’s the whole point.

“Hyung” was the first traditional Korean word of respect I ever learned. I wanted to break down the barrier and create a clear understanding what it means to be a “hyung.” Over the years I have learned that being older than somebody in age shouldn’t automatically earn you respect. You have to SHOW respect to EARN respect. Dok2 and Simon D have earned that respect in the hiphop community out here and although all of us are young we have earned respect in our separate communities.

This is the point where if idols were involved, Koreaboos usually step in and try to educate the Korean on how Korean society and culture works. Thing is, this isn’t exactly a rare sentiment (pretty sure Zico‘s complained about this before) so it was pretty cool to hear it being put on a track.


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