ELRIS’s Sohee gets her BoA on (really) for solo debut with “Spotlight”

Out of all the hyped up female solo acts that were supposed to take BoA‘s mantle with a combination of vocals, dance, and visuals, perhaps it’s only appropriate that the effort which has come closest hails from an idol I’ve never heard of, a company I didn’t know of, and from a release I had not seen hyped anywhere.

Of course, after research I realize she’s Sohee from Captain Planet concept group ELRIS and ‘K-Pop Star 6‘, and she certainly delivered in this solo debut with “Spotlight“. It’s not quite BoA in the sense that there isn’t the old school K-pop/J-pop upbeat dance tracks, rather it’s more of the recent version with a slowed-down 90s R&B feel to it. However, the markers are all there and Sohee definitely left a strong BoA impression throughout this for me.

Honestly, the most unfortunate thing for her is that she hails from Hunus Entertainment and not SM Entertainment, as the former will likely find a way to screw up her career. That would be a shame since based on this debut, Sohee has a lot of potential, and it’s just a matter of if the company can realize it.


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