iKON try to get their Big Bang on with “B-DAY”, emphasis on ‘try’

iKON have returned with double title tracks, and though Bling Bling” is some kind of yolosweg nightmare, “B-DAY” is a bit more conventional in that we’ve heard it before from Big Bang.

Hypothetically, this should work better than it does, as it’s upbeat with a decent melody to it and both the singing and rapping are fine. Still, I can’t help but think they took an unfinished version of a Big Bang song and tried to imitate their senior group, which only really ends up making me wonder exactly how much better this would be with some kind of uniqueness or variety to it.

Even the hook is trying its best to emulate “Fantastic Baby“, but like the rest of it, in comparison just comes off a bit flat and unremarkable. Probably the part where I was by far the most entertained is when I was thrilled by seeing their Tyrannosaurus Rex choreography.

Take that as you will.

Don’t get me wrong, unlike “Bling Bling”, “B-DAY” isn’t actively bad or anything, and I expect this to be a lot more palatable to people of the two releases. However, it is sorta just … there, and that makes it unfortunately forgettable.



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