‘Crime Scene 3’ Episode 4: Baffling case leads to confusion, talk of boning

The fourth episode of ‘Crime Scene 3‘ is here, and though we are without Hani and NS Yoon G this week, the momentum from last week does seem to carry compared to the first episodes.

As always, there are a variety of places that have English subtitles for the episode, so go watch the show there (1/2/3).


So this was about a con artist that gets murdered at the docks, and it’s cool for ‘Crime Scene 3’ to make an episode about former T-ara member Hwayoung. There was no guest this week, technically, but veteran actor Kim Byung Ok filled in and played the straight man on this episode perfectly.

Oppa is kind and gentle and…

…moving on.

Aside from that, the immediate callback to the previous episode provided room for freelancing for Yang Se Hyung and Park Jiyoon.

Another prominent source of amusement for me was partly on the show and cast but mainly on the translators, as they consistently gave us gems like this.

They mean the verb in terms of taking the bones out of meat, but … boy it doesn’t come off that way, does it?


As far as the case goes, remember last episode when I said it was awesome sometimes when it’s not too easy to predict cause not all the evidence has been pointed out by the cast? Yeah, that’s cool, but this was a bit much as evidence unfound lead to a rather confusing plot at times and I had to watch the explanation twice at the end to understand it all.

Man … the viewers are fucking up this season. The only way it would make sense if Kim Byung Ok was the killer was if you believed Jang Jin’s crazy story that he was another person in disguise, which didn’t have anything to back it. As I said, it was a confusing case, but 53%?

Anyway, the audience wasn’t the only one confused on this one, as the votes went 4-1-1-1, with the 4 being wrong and only … Kim Byung Ok being right. Fittingly, he didn’t do it by going on the evidence the case found (and missed), but rather by reading Yang Se Hyung like an open book.

Fortunately for the criminal, detective Eunji was … distracted.

Me? I thought it was Yang Se Hyung, but not cause I figured out the story. Rather, mainly cause I figured they wouldn’t setup the callback like that without using it (and I think it was clearly setup), and there was nothing to indicate Park Jiyoon was viable.

Also, does the crew plant some fake evidence to mislead them? Otherwise I was confused by why they just let Yang Se Hyung slide on the different signatures. You’d think if something was wrong it’s wrong for a reason on this show, like Chekhov’s gun is always in play it seems. Maybe it ends up directing you to the wrong suspect, but it always seems to MATTER at least, so I found that weird.


Next week should be interesting, as B1A4‘s Jinyoung is guesting, he of ‘God Of Music 2‘ fame. Thus, at the very least, we know he can play a character of sorts.


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