Kim Lip generally delivers as “Eclipse” showcases the mature side of LOONA

Kim Lip is the latest member of LOONA to debut, and she’s seemingly been tasked with showcasing the more mature side of the group, and that side definitely shines through on “Eclipse“.

“Eclipse” is being praised internationally, which is no surprise since Western audiences are more keen on seductive R&B vibes. And I understand where that comes from as the instrumental is subdued to set the mood but also remains interesting by varying the synths. It has the ideal balance in that sense, and that’s only furthered by the way the bridge is used later in the song, almost jolting you out of any lull you’d fallen into.

Another place this effort excels is the undeniable quality of the music video, with its use of color (or the lack of it) and its ability to accentuate her visuals being of particular note.

Also thought the directing and editing stood out with seamlessly done shots that made the visual experience of dancing in a box and on a circular stage in an unkept tower more appealing than it had any business being.

However, I’m a lot more muted on the song itself than most, as it never seems to get to where it wants. The rather weak vocal showing doesn’t bother me, but the fact is her higher pitch was a less than ideal choice for this type of song, and it seemed like she only had one mode throughout. Just seems to be missing the element that pushes this over the top instead of causing it to stagnate a bit as it goes on.

Of course, that still means it’s in the good but not great category, which is a fine place to be. Add the music video and one can definitely see where the praise comes from, as conceptually it showcases the multitude of different directions LOONA can go thanks to the variety the members have already shown.


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