24K succeeds with “Only You” thanks to an oddly addicting chorus

24K have made a comeback recently with “Only You“, a track produced by member Cory and written by member Jeonguk, that involvement surprised me because of how creative and polished the end result was.

“Only You” is a track that utilizes future-bass synths, and I sorta understand skepticism of new releases who go in that trendy direction. Admittedly on first listen I was a bit overwhelmed and confused by everything that as going on as well, especially during the hook. Apparently I’ve been brainwashed by so many boy group releases that I’m conditioned to expect some kind of generic, ‘hard’ breakdown. Surprisingly though, they went with an off-kilter echoing type of sound that ping-pongs around in your ears, and if that wasn’t enough they threw in little stutters and effects as well to drive the uniqueness home.

By the end of the song, I found myself wanting to replay it just to hear it again, and before long I, uh … kinda love it? Confronted with the instrumental that stands out so clearly, I initially thought “boy this is just missing an effective hook”, by the end I definitely remembered the “neo hanamyeon dwae/you are the one” part just as was likely intended. Just an impressive all-around effort on “Only You” and it’s one to remember for me.


I understand why everybody goes for the “Hotline Bling” look because it’s undeniably aesthetically pleasing, but I do feel like it’s pretty played out by now, so I was glad they went other directions as well.

Good enough.

It’s not likely to be the case, but “Only You” is a song that deserves to put 24K on the map a bit. The uniqueness and catchiness of the hook will stick with me in particular, and everything else seemed so polished as well.



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