Japanese tabloid reports ‘Member T’ from ‘Group B’ used cocaine, Korean media picks it up

A Japanese tabloid recently ran a story about a ‘Member T’ from a ‘Group B’ who used cocaine while at a hotel, and given recent events with Big Bang‘s TOP, the Korean media has picked it up as well.


While the timing seems fishy, this was actually reported back in the beginning of May.


The clear inference here is that the media wants people to speculate it’s TOP or Taeyang or anybody from Big Bang. Is it? Anybody who tells you they know for sure at this point is full of it.

Tabloids are at times right, but they are tabloids because they are frequently wrong and have made up stuff about Big Bang in particular before, so it’s hard to take this as proof of anything.

So we’ll have to wait and see if anything comes of it.


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