Ex-WG Yeeun’s dad arrested for fraud, but parents divorced & she’s been independent for 10 years

The father of former Wonder Girls member Yeeun has been arrested on charges of fraud and embezzlement, essentially for scamming his church members out of ~$18 million.

During the June 5 broadcast of Channel A’s “Heard It Through the Grapevine,” it was revealed that Yeeun’s father had tricked his church attendees and believers into donating a large sum of money towards an organization affiliated with the church. He told them he would pay out dividends after using the money to set up an economic research institute. The pastor was arrested back in April for embezzling a total of 20 billion won (approximately $17.9 million) from 150 people. It was further reported that he had basically used his daughter’s fame for marketing purposes, telling people he would never trick them since his daughter is a celebrity.

People immediately jumped to blame Yenny for what her dad allegedly did, which was dumb anyway unless she had something to do with it. However, it’s now being reported that her parents are actually divorced (mom remarried) and she’s been living independently for 10 years.

Reading between the lines a bit, it doesn’t seem like Yenny and her father have any relationship with each other either.



Yeeun’s problem, however, is that depending on how the divorce was done and all that, people might try to collect the debt from her.

Either way, given the circumstances, it seems foolish to hold her morally responsible for this in any way.


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