T-ara’s “What’s My Name” definitely grows on you, but thankfully “Reload” exists as well

T-ara are saying goodbye (to MBK Entertainment) without Boram and Soyeon with “What’s My Name“, which provides challenges aside just the lack of members. While their absence is noticeable on the song and definitely so in the music video, it was a quality sendoff … for now.

MBKE provided about $5 for this comeback, but thankfully they can’t do much about the quartet looking good at least.

The strong beat powers the song, but it doesn’t seem nearly as pacey due to relaxed delivery. The synths and snaps provide a spacey atmosphere with which the song lives in, and ultimately that’s the strength of the track. The primary issue is that it’s missing the undeniable, addictive hook of their major hits, but the maturer turn is definitely foot-tapping in itself and is probably expected at this stage.

Rather than being immediately appealing, “What’s My Name” is definitely a track that grew on me with multiple listens. It’s not up to the high standards of their epic run of hits, but I’d still put it in the good but not great category.


One track that did immediately appeal to me was throwback track “Reload“, which meshed modern composition with a late-80s/early-90s throwback funk sound with a killer bass.

I like.



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