NMB48’s Sutou Ririka gets voted into top 20 at AKB48 election, reveals engagement, lolol

In idol trolling on fans moves, J-pop tends to be way ahead of the curve, and NMB48‘s Sutou Ririka continued the trend recently. As a reward for fans who voted her into the top 20 of AKB48 at their elections, she announced that she was engaged and would be getting married soon.

To everybody’s surprise, NMB48 Team N member Sutou Ririka made an engagement announcement and said she will get married soon, she made the announcement during her General Election’s speech on 17 June 2017. After the speech, Sutou Ririka (and Ota Yuuri) appeared in Kashiwagi Yuki’s General Election SHOWROOM SP, she said she will explain the details at 18 June 2017.

Not even Sashihara Rino could do this (she won for the third-straight time, and fourth overall, by the way).

Oh yeah, she also shit on Watanabe Mayu‘s graduation announcement as well.

“Bitch, you’re stealing my shine.”


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